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Belgium (wet) Force india


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Force India

Race Type
Career Race (100%)

Front Wing Angle: 11
Rear Wing Angle: 11

Balance: F 50% - R 50%
Pressure: Medium
Brake Size: Standard

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 8
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 11

Front Ride Height: 6
Rear Ride Height: 6
Front Spring Stiffness: 8
Rear Spring Stiffness: 8

I can't remember the gears I used. Just knock them down 2 or 3 clicks

Fuel Map: Standard (Mix 2)
Fuel: 44

Camber Front: -3.50
Camber Rear: -1.50
Toe Front: 0.15
Toe Rear: 0.50

The race was a weird one as the weather kept changing every 5-10 laps so I couldn't really tell anything on the tyre wear. The car handled well through the middle sector and i was always faster than the cars ahead of me but the car has little speed and you can be easily passed on the long straight.
My fastest lap was a 1:48:756 in the dry part of the race which was a second slower than Webber's time. My fastest in the wet with engine turned up and low fuel was 1:52:xxx which was 1-2 seconds faster than Alonso and Webber.

Gears might need tweaked alittle bit as i have no clue how to work them

I had traction control on Full and racing line on. I did the gears myself.

Hope this helps people
Yours truly
Kyle Johnston

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