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Guest Hamer

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Guest Hamer

First setup here is fast cheers, but would need a wheel to perfect corners cutting over curbs, very difficult with keyboard.
I find this more relax if someone wants to try:

Front Wing Angle: 6
Rear Wing Angle: 4

Balance: F 51 - R 49
Pressure: High
Brake Size: standard (fixed)

Ballast Distribution: F 40 - R 60
Front Anti-roll Bar: 3
Rear Anti-roll Bar: 8

Front Ride Height: 1
Rear Ride Height: 2
Front Spring Stiffness: 9
Rear Spring Stiffness: 7

Gear 1: 130 kmh
Gear 2: 160 kmh
Gear 3: 191 kmh
Gear 4: 224 kmh
Gear 5: 259 kmh
Gear 6: 292 kmh
Gear 7: 328 kmh

Throttle map: Standard (fixed)
Fuel: N/A

Camber front: -1.30
Camber rear: -3.20
Toe front: 0.09
Toe rear: 0.32

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srly dude... this NEVER gonna work just by the looks of it... 11 front wing and 1 rear wing? u nutz? wings need to be balanced or u gonna have an unstable car... thats y everyone saying they r not handling the car at slow turns... just put front wings 5 and rear 4 and do the other thing as the kid above me said.

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