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Budapest - Hungary (Dry)

Guest Hamer

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Guest Hamer

I had to make some changes to fit my driving with Sauber and got 1.19s with this. Sector 2 flying.

Car : Sauber Track: Hungaroring TC: Med ABS: On Setup: my_1 Time: 1.19:367

Front Wing Angle: 7
Rear Wing Angle: 3

Balance: F 48% - R 52%
Pressure: High
Brake Size: Standard

Ballast Distribution: F 70% - R 30%
Front Anti-roll Bar: 7
Rear Anti-roll Bar: 10

Front Ride Height: 2
Rear Ride Height: 2
Front Spring Stiffness: 8
Rear Spring Stiffness: 8

Gear 1: 137 kph
Gear 2: 156 kph
Gear 3: 186 kph
Gear 4: 217 kph
Gear 5: 251 kph
Gear 6: 286 kph
Gear 7: 321 kph

Throttle map: Standard
Fuel: na

Camber front: -1.50
Camber rear: -3.50
Toe front: 0.15
Toe rear: 0.50

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Guest Philip B. Keeney

Got my quickest laps with James' setup except two changes: Front wing at 6 and Rear Wing at 5. I got a 1:22.5 in the Mercedes and a 1:20.5 in the Red Bull.

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Guest jhony6180

i have used the origional setup with lotus for both seasons i have done so far and my fastest time was 1:23:083 and i only did 1 lap in qualy and got 1st ;) so its a good setup lol and thanks to james i won the WDC in my first season and am over 150 points clear in my second with lotus ;)

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Hi guys forgive me for being a few games behind every one. I'm driving for lotus just done hockenheim on Saturday and won fastest lap was a 1.16 not sure if this is any good? I accidentally used a set up for silverstone I finished 35 seconds in front of webber. What's next track after hockenheim and what set up can any 1 show me I'm on 2010 game.stigs help p's I'm leading championship.

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