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Taking Career Videos to the Next Level of Creativity: Vincent Miller Career


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Ahead of the F1 2016 release on August 19th, I wanted to share a quick but well crafted backstory I made that is surely to keep you entertained from start to finish:


For all those that have been exposed to the prominent Career Mode Youtubers, this series will strike a healthy balance between Tiametmarduk's "hey guys I'm a Youtuber doing a career mode" style and Aarava's "I will RP the almighty life out of this, including cutscenes from GTA V, and other peripherals" style.

I'll keep it mainly focused on the track, but the entire thing will be kept immersive with refined, in-character narration, pit wall-to-driver comms (like at the beginning of the video), a set of parody sports news segments (formatted after ESPN, Sky Sports, etc) covering interesting events occurring in and arround the career mode races, and a handful of other elements.

The career will most likely be played in Ultimate AI mode (pace-wise, I'd say I'm in the ballpark of Aarava and Tiametmarduk) since at the moment I'm beating my teammate by over a second in Q3 on Legend difficulty with no assists in F1 2015.

Let me know what you think! Frequent updates are on the /r/VincentMiller subreddit.

Edited by Savage
Changed title to reflect that this is a collection of Miller's entire career, rather than just the prologue.
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Episode 1 has been released...and it is quite possibly the most intense race I've ever been in!


Please enjoy and feel free to leave any suggestions or comments here or on Youtube. Specifically, I'm interested in your opinions regarding the percentage of commentary to silence on Vince's part throughout the video, the deliberate removal of various HUD elements (to increase immersion), and the pace of the video (too much stuff in too little time, or vice versa). Thanks!

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Episode 2: The MLaRmy.
As Vincent moves on to the second race of the season, he looks to justify his Australia result as more than just a happy accident. On a track that is the bane of the Haas car's rear tires, attacking, defending, and overall race strategy become a matter of (literal and metaphorical) damage control.

Episode 2 on Youtube

Also, thank you for the positive feedback, Hugh! If you have any suggestions to make this thing even better, I'd be delighted to hear them!

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Episode 3: True Leader
As Vincent's driving ability grows, so does his fan base, but what he thought to be a blessing soon turns out to be more of a curse as his team's demands make him question their commitment to his success. Internal tensions flare up as the Chinese Grand Prix looms over the team, throwing Vincent head-first into a high stakes gamble of a race...a race he must do well in against all odds to finally establish a foothold of credibility within the team.

Episode 3 on Youtube

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Episode 4: The Lessons Learned
No longer treating Vince's consistency and speed as a temporary phenomenon, the media begins to compare him to a much tougher driver than his previous rival...a driver in a strikingly similar situation to his own. Keeping in mind that the world of F1 only remembers victors, Vince heads into a race marked by unpredictable weather and quickly finds himself face to face with his biggest weakness - his inexperience - and plenty of drivers eager to take advantage of it.

Episode 4 on Youtube

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