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Braking without ABS tips?


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I'm trying to learn to brake without ABS and I'm having a hard time. I either don't brake enough or I lock them up. I'm using a wheel and pedals, if that matters. What should I be doing to brake better without ABS? I feel like that is a key to unlocking a lot of time for me.



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I just got a wheel myself so i am still learning it. BUT i drove with ABS off with a pad and i am slowly but steadily transfering my knowledge.

What i do is that i brake really hard into a corner at the breaking point and slowly gets off the brake and then turn in. If you get off the brake to slow though you will lock up your tires. It is a very fine balance to learn and can even feel different from car to car or different setups. I'll explain the theory:
you have to soften on the pedal a bit after initial input. As speed drops so does your aerodynamic load, effectively making the car lighter and lowering your threshold pressure so you need to let out of the brake in proportion to make sure you do not lock up or miss the apex all together.

Although some corners does not require as much of an initial input (how hard you press the brake pedal). So you have to practice each track and find that for each corner and then just practice a lot  

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