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Logitech G29 Throttle issues




I am playing F1 2016 on PC and i am having a slight issue, i cannot seem to find a setting to make G29 Throttle work properly in this game.

I have changed the Sat and Lin settings and nothing seems to work.

Issue: Does not matter how soft or hard i press throttle it is always either almost at zero(very little effect/acceleration) or Full throttle(liek i would play with keyboard).

In Other games i have no issue setting up the wheel and throttle to work on semi-acceleration.


I found this issue out when i started playing with Traction Control full off...

Is there some setting on the wheel that is an "example" on how it would have to be set on Deadzone/lin/sat area to make the Throttle reasonable sensitive when TC is off?

So far i have tried SAT +20 and +40 but that has not give me any effect(still the same issue that if i press it 1/3 the RPM goes up only minimum(like the REV limiter you use to start a race) and if i press it a bit past that its already full throttle.

Problem only effects me greatly when i start taking traction control fully off or set it on Medium.
I cannot seem to find a solution for it as not much people use that wheel for PC.
I did find some PS4 settings but those did not help me.

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