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Unrealistic Perfomances


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I'm still only in Canada, but after finishing the race I've encountered something odd, not game-breaking but not very realistic which is pretty much the point why the F1 game comes out at the middle of the season instead of before the season begins, to keep things more or less real... Valteri Bottas and Sergio Perez in game have really underwhelming races and qualis, always ending out of the points or behind Kvyat, Button, Alonso and even Magnussen. Checked in Hard, Expert and Legend difficulties... Williams has the best car of the middle-ground of the grid while Perez and Hulkenberg have made a lot out of their car, with Perez doing performances in Monaco and Baku that would give him the win in a top-notch car yet in the game they are well pretty much crap. I'm not that good and in Expert still managed to beat Bottas in the Renault on a rivalry.

Is it just me or this is a case happening to everyone? I mean, it's good to see other drivers out there, but I just find unrealistic that Hulkenberg constantly ends up behind Button and Kvyat. And Bottas in the same ground as Alonso and my lowly Renault.

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