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Patch desperately needed for ps4

Artfull dodger

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The gap between Legend and Expert I think it really is solved simply by getting better. It's simply a matter of trying again and again. I was having struggles when jumping to expert and I now demolish even the Mercedes with my now beloved Renault so I may jump to Legend for the next season of career... I believe that the difficulty in the programmes is more than reasonable, and maybe only the tyre test may require some tweaking but overall they ain't broken.

What I desperately need is a patch for the texture loading for Xbox One, I don't get how F1 2015's faces and the textures of the pits and clothing looked great but in 2016 we end up with slowly processed textures and horrible faces for Kyvat and Perez. There are also some points easier to notice in long straights like in Monza or Baku where you can notice the obvious decay of framerates.

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