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Penalty for not using required Tyres


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i did the race at Austin in career mode today. 

I was able to start the race on the Soft Tyres since I could make it through Q2 with them.

In the race i switched to the Super Soft but got disqualified going into the last lap for "not using the required tyres". 

I'm wondering what I've done wrong, especially because the AI did the exact same strategy just reversed, starting on Super Soft and switching to Soft.

Any idea? :huh:

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Weird. If I'm not mistaken, S and M are the mandatory tyres for Austin, as long as you had used one of them for one entire lap you were on the clear.

Most likely this was a glitch.

"Unless wet or intermediate tyres are used during the race, all drivers must use at least two different specifications of dry-weather tyres in the race, at least one of which must be one of the two mandatory sets nominated by Pirelli, though the teams are free to decide which one. " That's the rule. So it has to be a glitch, unless you had participated in Q3 and then used a different set than the one you used in your fastest lap for Q2, but I think it's impossible to do that change.

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