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Audio Troubleshoot


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Many gamers have had issues with their audio. Here is a post from the Codemasters forum.


Having problems with your audio? Troubleshoot here.

 All audio stutters and / or the sound seems sped up (PC only)
This is an issue with Realtek and Creative sound cards.
This is something we’re investigating: to get the sound to behave, you need to change the sample rate to 48 kHz or 48,000 Hz. You can do this within your audio driver.
This affects all audio in game including audio embedded within videos.
Update 25/08/16 - This is now fixed and will be in a future patch.

 AI Vehicles are stuttering (All platforms)
A known issue.
This is fixed and will be in a future patch.

  I can’t hear any speech (All platforms)
This is generally a result of setting your output options on your platform of choice to an output that your system does not support.
5.1 and 7.1 settings should only be used if you have a surround sound system.
This option should be set on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One systems, not in game.
Using the automatic in-game settings will default to whatever output your system is set to. 

I can’t hear the race engineer on my Sony wireless headset (PS4)
To adjust the level of the Race Engineer, you need to locate the Sound/Chat buttons/slider on the side of the headset.
To hear more of the Race Engineer you press towards ‘Chat’, to hear more of the F1 game sound, you press towards ‘Sound’. 

I have tinnitus and the high pitched whine is hurting, what can I do? (All platforms)
We will be including an accessibility option in the audio options that can toggle these elements on and off.
This is fixed and will be in a future patch.

  I hear a “wall of sound” when driving past the pit lane on all tracks (All platforms)
A known issue.
This is fixed and will be in a future patch. 

The race engineer is too quiet when using the pad speaker / headset (PS4)
Both the headset and pad speaker have independent volume controls native to the PS4.
These can be adjusted within the dashboard – not in game. 

Voice Commands I’m having issues getting voice commands to work (Xbox One)
Voice chat is only supported via Kinect hardware, Cortana is currently not supported – this is a Microsoft restriction.

  I’m having issues getting voice commands to work (PC)
Make sure the headset mic is marked as “Default” in the “Recording” section of the Audio device section in the Control Panel.
Check the volume level in the properties of the recording device – should be at 100%
Make sure no other program is running that uses the microphone input – Teamspeak etc. 

How can I see a list of all voice commands? (All platforms)
Press the “talk” button, this is context sensitive so you’ll see a list of all valid commands.
At times there can be more than one page of commands which can be flipped through.


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Does it seem to anyone else that the Mclarens sound like ducks?  Or is it just the way they're supposed to sound? I was just between both and felt like I should get into the v formation. (Not really though, Alonso clipped me and into wall in Canada I went. Where's my shotgun! Just kidding, have mucho respect for the real guy.)

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