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Cease R&D


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So I finally made it to Marina Bay; the track that I dread the most in the entire calendar and I got offered the option to cease r&d... How does that work? In 2013 you had the choice to cease the program and get some bonus for the next year which was worthy on the risky track but not so much on the conservative track... Do you get to keep your points to get an early headstart for season 2 or a bonus?

Which one do you think it's more valuable? I'm currently in the Renault and finally managed to catch with Red Bull which is not entirely crazy but definitely too easy imo running the career on Expert. I really want to catch the Ferraris to get a chance in S2 but I don't know if at the current pace I'm getting points it will be plausible.

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If you cease R&D you cannot update the car anymore for that season but any tests you do and the points you gain can be saved for next season and also you get a 25% bonus for doing so. The benefits for me outweigh the negatives, you will get more points and next season can spend on some of the bigger and more important updates. By the sounds of it you are having a good season so you may as well call it quits so next season you can improve even further. 

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