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Assists on wheel??



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can perhaps answer. Hi all in the forum :) !

my answer is perhaps not 100 % correct, as i just started with f1 2016. But experienced in motorsport games.

Answer - both is possible. i suspect it does not matter ! when you want to get the most out of it.


with pad i can good handle medium - but without traction controll and pad is defenitely the wrong choice.

As most drivers use traction controll and are in the top 10 and top 100 of the time trial list in f1 2016 => it s not a disatvantage using medium.  full traction controll is probately to easy, when using  a wheel. for wheel it s possible to set records also without traction controll, .... when having a very good skill level. There are some drivers, who always drive without any assistance in every motorsport game. In F1 2016, you find some of these in the top 10, top 100.

Of course the best way, when starting the game, is medium traction controll.


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