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F1 22 Release!

The countdown has finished!

f1 2016 engineer voice command


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1  Box this lap
2  Full race update
3  Driver in front
4  Driver behind
5  Who am I racing
6  Tyres status
7  Vehicle condition
8  Weather report
9  Fuel information
10  Pit stop information
11  Set medium tyres
12  Set soft tyres
13  Set super soft tyres
14  Set intermediates tyres
15   Set full wets
16  Adjust wing up
17   Adjust wing balance
18  Set wing balance
19  Change wing down
20  Team mate status
21  Rival status
Practice and Qualifying   conversation
1Box this lap
1 Driver in front
2 Driver behind
3 session update
4 Team mate status
5 Rival status
6 Vehicle condition
7 Position update
8 weather report
9 Fuel information
10 Fastest lap overall
11 Best lap update
12 Last lap time
13 champion standing
14 Engineer quiet
15 Engineer talk
16 Engineer repeat
17 Fewer updates
18 More updates
19 Shut up Jeff
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