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Sorry for the delay for China. I did it on Thursday last week and was supposed to be finished at least on Saturday with everything I have in between. But My editor software crashed two times in a row, first time I spent like 10 hours as I am still not as fast as I could be, but I'm getting there, cause then I redid it even if it was hard to force myself, and did it in 3h , (+2 for narration) , but then it crashed again unable to render file.

But at last I found a solution, have worked all weekend, so please if you are interested I have been forced to re do this 3 times as a whole and spent the whole weekend on it and finished it Sunday night at 3.30 a clock. So I'll uploading it soon here, stay tuned not much longer.

Already in Russia practice for next one as well.

Have a good one mates!

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I have, as I also stated in the general thread, made a new background and done a Facebook account linked to my videos. But it's also for meeting people and I would love to talk to some of you! So please add me details are in the text and link below! Check out the new backdrop that I did for YT and FB, I sadly can't post it it's too big to upload here but it's on FB and on my YT page, but if you click the link you go to Facebook and you see it right there on the screen! I do hope you like it! And please do add me on Facebook if you got it. "Maha Mogalana" , or just check out the link below! : ) Have a good evening, or day! depending on where you are!


Facebook Name: "Maha Mogalana"

Facebook Link:



PS: I have redone the videos miniatures so the text is easier to see in small format. Hope it's to your liking!


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Just a quick announcement relating to trying out MSM, As stated in the video, I will probably not be able to release the videos here as it isn't Codemaster and such so put this out to update you on the situation and I hope it is okey that I put this here! If you take a look it's pretty harmless IMO. But as stated in the video do please subscribe as you then will be able to see when videos appear that aren't related to F1 2016 or other F1 games. If you want to be up to date and follow me. It would be really helpful for me as well and thankful. Thanks for your time as always!



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At lastI have uploaded the next video for F1 2016. My leg has healed and I'm feeling better. In this epsisode I narrate LIVE with talks about: THE US ELECTION, FASCISM, #PIZZAGATE, "DEVIL WORSHIP" or "SATANISM COSPLAY"? and some (((other things ex. WW's & Spanish Revolution)))

Anyhow at last another episode is out from the F1 series. As I mention I forgot to look at the weather for the race so I made a dry setup. It was not a good idea.. So I thought I would speak a bit about things that had happened since I've been away! Check my channel there is other stuff as well, and I plan on doing either another videoblog thing where I rant or just narrate through Monaco. We'll see, but it's about the second world war and what would have happened if Hitler didn't gain power! So do check in once in a while and perhaps you will find something of interest!


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