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A quick plug for my videos!


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Hello guys!

Just wanted to make a post in the general forum, I've created a thread in the stories section of  the 2016 part of the site for videos I'm doing on my very recently done Youtube channel.

A couple of episodes are out and I would love it if someone who perhaps likes my setups or just want to help a fellow member check it out! If you find it interesting and want to see more please do click the Youtube icon and leave a comment, likes and subscribes are awesome as well of course but what I really need is feedback at the moment. But feel free to help out if you are in the mood! You can always comment in the thread itself if that's easier for you. I don't have any followers as this is a new channel and I've never done a channel before so please be gracious to me ;)

PS: The Episodes are different in the narration after the quick edit of qualifying. So what do you guys prefer? I'd really like to know as I'm starting recording China now and if direct commentary while playing is preferable to narration afterwards I need to know before hand.

Thanks for you time!

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Sorry for the delay for China. I did it on Thursday last week and was supposed to be finished at least on Saturday with everything I have in between. But My editor software crashed two times in a row, first time I spent like 10 hours as I am still not as fast as I could be, but I'm getting there, cause then I redid it even if it was hard to force myself, and did it in 3h , (+2 for narration) , but then it crashed again unable to render file.

But at last I found a solution, have worked all weekend, so please if you are interested I have been forced to re do this 3 times as a whole and spent the whole weekend on it and finished it Sunday night at 3.30 a clock. So I'll uploading it soon here, stay tuned not much longer.

Already in Russia practice for next one as well.

Have a good one mates!

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Today I made a Facebook page. I don't use Facebook for myself before but I thought it would be a good idea to spread the channel and also hopefully some of you guys perhaps want to befriend me? As the account is just newly added I have zero friends #crying - : D ,  but it would be fun to have some people from this place to talk with! I also made a new background for YT & FB take a look! Just click the link below that leads to Facebook, or go to my Youtube channel, I hope you can find it now! "Maha Mogalana" if you can't find the links, but I will try to not link too much as they start to be a bit all over the place now : )








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