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Random Engine Failure


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Sure everyone has seen how on a crucial moment, some poor dummy gets a random engine failure and their race is over or at least they fall from pace by a lot. I won the championship on the last race thanks to Hamilton's car dying randomly on the second lap of Yas Marina.

My question is, can it happen to you? So far I'm in the end of the second season and I've never met with either problems that make me go slow nor critical engine failure. I have no flashbacks and play on Master, is it because of that? it feels kinda unfair that everyone seem to have this failures on the worst time possible while you're immune.

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Yeah it's not in the game. Altho like today racing at Silverstone on grand prix weekend and I had 2 problems one was no Drs and the other was engine suffer from wear altho I didn't suffer any speed loss. But I'm hoping that will change for the 17 game.

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