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Motorsport Manager Setup Template


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Pro Tip:  Don't forget to include Track Layout if is different from or not already noted in the Topics Title.    Lots of Mods or Workshop Mods will change the tracks for each series or the layouts.  This also occurs organically through the games "Politics" feature.    So always be sure you either post in Sub Forum with the correct Layout AND Series for your cars or label the Track Layout if it is different from the one in the title of the sub forum.  This way your posts will be far more helpful not only to  others but to you yourself for seasons and seasons to come even in different series.  

As a general rule when it comes to keeping notes and data about setting up racecars or gokarts,
     "You will not ever include too much detail"     
Professional race teams of all categories, keep and share records exactly like we are on this forum and years later profit from it.    For example in NASCAR in the early 2000's Richard Childriss Racing (RCR) traded Hendrick Motorsports their database of setups for Daytona Motor Speedway and Talladega Motor Speedway in exchange for a discount on Hendrick Engines.   In Formula 1 more recently it has happened when HAAS F1 was given unlimited access to Scuderia Ferrari's setup database for all tracks in exchange for HAAS F1 staying out of Formula 1 for an extra year in order to legally test theirs cars without rules (and of course sharing all that test data with Scuderia Ferrari).

My point is.....       This game has massive replay-ability and this info we are collecting is valuable.   So don't be afraid to overshare or or ask questions or leave notes.   If anyone ever needs any help or advice my gamer-tag on steam is "ihatekelton"     and I am always willing to help if I can.   So far I have a little over 350 hours play time in this game,  so I should be able to at least be helpful.

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