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Motorsport Manager Patch 1


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What's changed?

- Improved weather simulation
- Fixed car water spray appearing too early, it now appears when the track is wet enough for inters or wet weather tyres
- Improved blue flag AI
- Improved AI switching to intermediates and wets
- Fixed a standings demotions bug relating to parts being banned
- Fixed an issue where maximum performance was not being taken into consideration on new season car parts
- Fixed initial game car stats
- Fixed a bug where if practice ended with rain, the first screen that showed the race was also raining, even if the weather was sunny
- Fixed an issue where changes to the livery were not reflected in race (still showed the default livery)
- Fixed an issue where cars would repeatedly jump positions in standings without overtaking cars
- Fixed an issue where if a driver won a race, but got demoted due to illegal parts being discovered, the social media still thought they had won.
- Fixed issues with promise traits
- Extra Wide screen support for car design screen
- Fixed incorrect team orders commentary message where driver who is allowing the other to pass actually overtakes the other driver.
- Fixed the triggering of the "Blag Flag" achievement
- Fixed an issue where the safety car would sometimes not return properly to the pit
- Fixed an issue where the celebrity dating trait thread had missing variables
- Fixed instances where the financial graph stopped working
- Fixed an issue where the 5% discount for the player financial background wasn't being taken into account when calculating whether or not the player could afford something 
- Fixed an issue where the chairman would expect unrealistic placement targets after a promotion
- Fixed cars clipping underneath the pit floor in Black Sea
- Fixed AI braking sharply when going past a car exiting the pits
- Fixed Drivers giving opposite downforce feedback during practice
- Added a lap counter for selected driver
- Can no longer vote for a new race location if that location already appears twice in the race calendar
- Fixed an issue where the chairman's happiness would decrease even if the race was won
- Fixed an issue where the game music would stop after saving and autosaving
- Removed redundant votes (e.g voting to increase qualifying time even if the series doesn't have qualifying)
- Fixed an issue where the race would not end with two cars in the pitlane
- Fixed multiple game crash bugs

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