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Tire wear problem (PC, ps3 controller)


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Heya, I have a serious issue with tire wear when playing on my ps3 controller on PC. 

I don't know whether it's my own fault (which it probably is tbh), the controller or something else, but the case in EVERY race is that my front-left tire wear is at least 10-20% higher than my front-right tire's wear. This forces me to either use harder compounds that I should, or make an unnecessary pit stop every race.

Any help would be appreciated, even if it's just to tell me that I really suck.

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The front left tyre is going to normally experience greater wear than the other three. Most tracks run clockwise with turn 1 and the last turn both being right handers. This means a majority of turns are right turns (Bahrain - 12 of 23 turns; Monza - 6 of 10 turns; China - 9 of 16). When turning right, the front-left and rear-right tyres bear most of the load with the opposite being true for left turns. Paying attention to the number of right turns and the G's experienced in those turns gives you an idea of the tyre wear that will be experienced. Long and fast right turns, such as turns 1 & 2 at China and turn 20 at Bahrain, will put an increased load on the front-left compared to short and slower turns. On longer tyre stints, focus on being smooth in these turns. Brake early and straight then let the car coast into the turn, then slowly roll on the throttle into the apex gradually applying more throttle through exit. On longer runs, the goal is to extend your tyre life, not clocking fastest laps. Try taking a little off your pace, around 1 to 1.5 seconds off your best lap, and see if that helps decrease the wear on your front-left tyre.

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