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F1 2017 Wishlist


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My favourite time of the year, F1 season just about to start and some chat around social media about the upcoming instalment from Codemaster. After a solid foundation of next gen gaming from F12016 things can only get better from here.

Please post your wish lists and I will send them off to the devs.

Here's a few of mine.

  • Create a team
  • A manager side of the game
  • Better weather conditions (Project Cars 2)
  • DLC Tracks
  • DLC Seasons form the past
  • Safety car tweaks
  • Marshals / trucks / moving retirements
  • Formation lap tweaks (Became very boring after a few times)

 image.png image.pngimage.png


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  • 2 weeks later...

I would like an more interactive career mode honestly maybe more media work your way from test driver to 2nd drive position also more of a driving personality of the ai ... long shot request a more adaptive grid with drivers going to other teams other than that lets try to balance the controller affects on the cars so we not going to lock and eating tyres up with being overly sentive more team feedback during practice aka telemetry so we can setup cars more in-depth. One last thing make the cars unique again where the setups are not just for every car trust me this goes a lot further for us tuners and our enjoyment of the game that plus each season if we are able to grow with the car performance so should the field so we are not in limbo on difficulty 

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Things I would like to see in the new game are:

  • Better safety car physics in game,
    • now when a (virtual) safety car comes on track, the AI cars will instantly brake and reduce their speed to match the delta time. When I'm right behind an AI car and he starts braking I can't react in time and I will crash into him, damaging my car
    • Also, I think now there are too many safety cars. When a car spins in turn 1, sometimes a safety car comes out, even though the car is able to continue within 10 seconds. I once even had a multi car collision in turn 1 at the start and then I 'only' had a VSF.
    • if  a safety car comes out, to actually see the cars being removed from the track by marshalls and cranes/trucks. Now a stranded car would just disappear
  • the electronic displays showing the flags on track should be easier to see.
  • same thing for the 5 starting lights at the start.
  • red flags
  • before the race starts, to have the abillity to drive out of the pits to the grid
  • and after the race to drive an out-lap back into the pits. and maybe to park the car there (underneath the podium)
  • with this I would like an option to have full manual control in the pitlane. 
    • During free practise and qualifying to drive out of your garage. And to drive back to your pitbox to park there
    • during races to drive in the pitbox yourself and to drive of manually ( using clutch release like race-starts)

I would also like to report some glitches in F1 2016 that I don't want to see return in this year's game

  • when you're racing AI and you drive in the pitlane, and there is another car right in front of you, sometimes the game makes your car slow down to the speed limit, even though you have not even reached the speed limit sign. 
  • sometimes when you see a flag on the displays, you would see SF, meaning safety car in the color flag that you get. Example: I would get blue flags, and on the signs I would see SF in blue letters.

let me know what you think about my ideas

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  • 3 weeks later...

First of all I want to repeat a few points of James and Den Dave. I´d like to see in 2017:

  • a bit of manager decisions
  • Better Safety Car skills: When I´m the leader I must drive 150kph until the green flags. It would be nice when I can drive my own pace.
  • Marshals can put out broken cars
  • DenDave´s First Subpoint of the Safety Car
  • Red Flags (especially in FP 1-3)
  • Parking the own car after the race

Now some things that I really like to see in future (maybe already in 2017):

  • Create and govern your own team as a driver and manager
  • Change of drivers through the teams (eg. Hamilton to McLaren, Alonso to RedBull and Verstappen to Merc). But I think that this is  legally not possible.
  • Procedure before the race (Think of the one hour infront of the race: You can compress it into 5-10 min. (get in the car, drive installation lap, grid interviews, national anthem,...)
  • Preseason testing in Barcelona and/or midseason testing in for example Budapest. It can be a short test with maybe 1 hour practise
  • (to play Hermann Tilke) and create your own track. It can be implementet with a building system.
  • Change the design of the helmet through the career
  • More upgrades available
  • Choosing the voice of your race engineer 

But the most important point is, that the career mode becomes better. The gamer must had the feeling, that this is a real F1-drivers career. This means for me e.g. interviews, better and different presentation ceremonies, PR-Events attached to fan/team/sponsors popularity, private life,...

To sum up: I´m for a splitted career modes: One normal like in the 2016 game and a fantasy mode with some points above (Create own team, create a track, driver changes,...)

Let me know what you think about my ideas and sorry for my bad english.



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Some overview of all best round times in carreer mode, divided in practice qualification and race of all seasons, so you can monitor your improvement every season.

less differents between medium and hard of the competors in Carreer mode.

you get to easy A warning of penalty for collision also when iT looks like occure by others

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  • 2 weeks later...

Team creation would be a good one, choosing an engine and components suppliers, livery designer, sponsors, almost complete customisation of the team. 

Would like to see more done on safety car laps as already mentioned, more Marshall activity to clear cars. I wouldn't even mind the odd bit of commentary on other cars as you drive, every now and then just dipping in with fastest laps or who's pitted and on what tyres.

one change I would like to see is a more in depth launch procedure. Not a lot you could do with a controller, but something like having to pull One of the thumb sticks back as a clutch and find the right bite point to launch, and bring in the need to apply pit limiter and launch from pit stops. 

All probably very difficult to do I imagine, but 'll take it as realistic as they can make it! 

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I Agree with a lot of them ideas and think it would be awesome to have them. I think it would be Neat to able to also Build your shop from nothing to trying to make it the Best team on the market.sign sponsors and have it so the reporters talk to the drivers or the career driver and things like that would be cool. If you wreck out get your side and so forth.just a idea let me know if u guys think that sounds good or am i dreaming lol.

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there is only 1 thing and it is directly related to Steam
have a save besides the mid-session save
I want to be able to have 1 save independent of the mid-session save
This way if I wanted to go back 1 race, 5 race or however many seasons
I could .

right now with steam you can only have the autosave and 1 midsession save and the midsession save goes away once you go to the next race
and since steam uses the cloud for storage anyway and can make as many saves you want in other games I think it should be able to do so in F1


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  • 2 weeks later...

I'd like to see realistic regulations on different components of the car in career mode. So you get 4 engines for the season and you have to manage the mileage on them before they get worn which makes them more likely to fail, same goes for gearboxes, and you get grid penalties accordingly. 

Being able to change helmet design and add team logos to the helmets would be great. 

Having winter testing which could be like a R&D session, and more in depth off track content like interviews. The way you answer questions changes the publics opinion of you. 

And something that I've missed since F1 championship edition, having full race commentary.

We don't want much.... lol 

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  • 1 month later...

I would like to see the game as close to the 17 regs in real as possible. I Mean with power of the engines so we are able to pretty much match the times in real life also by only having the 4 engines per season. Even down to changing components if u have problems with them so would have to have reliability problems with your own car. Maybe a session where u can have a test session.  With the way this series is going it is getting better and better but feel that we could get it better still. 

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